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Software Developer portfolio


Web app

  • Helped the team to put the tech stack together and to build the MVP as a Consultant and Lead Developer.

3rdi Android
  • I was involved with this project at different stages- glTF loader, Treasure Hunt game, Functional tester, Bug fixer, Troubleshooter, Code Obfuscation, UI design, UX improvements, etc.

3rdi Oculus VR
  • The project was under R&D, nothing was concrete.

3rdi iOS
  • I was involved with this project at different stages- glTF loader, Treasure Hunt game, Functional tester, Bug fixer, Troubleshooter, Code Obfuscation, UI design, UX improvements, etc.

ARVR Canvas/ Dashboard (EliXR)
  • Mainly offered my contribution in terms of- Planning, Designing, Testing, Vulnerability fixes, troubleshooting, etc.

  • Mainly offered my contribution in terms of- Planning, Designing, Testing, Vulnerability fixes, troubleshooting, etc.

Unity Web/ Mobile VR
  • Mainly offered my contribution in terms of- Planning, Designing, Testing, Vulnerability fixes, troubleshooting, etc.

Using GaitAuth in a React Native Android App

A prototype to showcase the functionality of developing a GaitAuth app using Flutter.

  • GaitAuth™ offers convenience without compromising security, giving your users a completely passive authentication experience.

  • Our patent-pending technology combines an individual’s manner of walking (their “gait”) with proprietary machine learning algorithms to offer authentication that doesn’t require any explicit user action.

Pelican Community

Crowdsourcing International Shipping

  • Extra space in the luggage while on an international trip? The good news, you can make money by transferring a package across borders.


Handle your events such a way that you can create instant events and plan them!

  • Using EvGenie, you can:
    • create instant events or schedule them
    • invite your friends and colleagues and give them appropriates roles & permissions
    • sync events across your devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs)
    • view your schedule either as a list, as a customized calendar or on a map
    • contribute, discuss, like and moderate contributions within an event
    • capture & share documents (photos, videos, notes, recordings, ...)
    • access your events and media offline
    • keep your private, familial and professional lives separate
    • have everything stored in a Swiss digital safe that preserves your privacy
    • comply with the BYOD mobile enterprise strategy

How old are you!?

How many years-months-days-hours-minutes-seconds old are you? Let the app show!

  • Just add your birthdate and birthtime to know how old are you!


My Curriculum Vitae in an Android app as a representation!

  • This is my (Ruturaj R. Raval) CV app!

  • You will find a section like,

  • 1. About me/ Introduction
    2. Gallery
    3. Personal Details
    4. Educational Qualifications
    5. Experience
    6. Achievements
    7. Timeline
    8. Travel diary
    9. Hobbies/ Interests
    10. Feedback
    11. Skills
    12. Projects
    13. Languages
    14. Certificates
    15. Website
    16. Social platforms

  • Have a look at my portable CV.

  • Share your feedback.


Your music companion through your thick & thin so get lost in a magic world!

  • A music player with great animated UI, for the ease of access.

Clock widget!

Unique | flexible | durable | innovative home screen widget that represents time!

  • This is very easy to use.

  • Just click on the app icon and your Floating widget will be activated (even after you close the widget, you can always restart it with the same procedure!).

  • I always wondered, that whenever I wanted to measure time or wanted to keep an eye on time with respect to seconds, I wanted a widget of time with seconds figures.

  • So, here I am presenting digits tweening clock widget for android.

R Search Box!*


  • An app for the client

  • Helps in finding the nearest household helpers

Society Management!*


  • An app for the client

  • Helps one such community residence to manage their finances and maintenance tasks, etc.

Add & Search!

Add any note quickly and later you can search by word/sentence from data!

  • Add note/memo to an app.

  • And you can store them locally for later use.

  • Then from word/sentence, you can search your note whenever you want, rather be scrolling down from the whole list.

  • From your typed words, results will be matched and then fetched on your device!

  • This works as a simple memo/notes app, with searchability!

  • Future work- 'Speech to Text' adding the new entry and the same goes for searching purpose!

  • Suggestions/bugs are kindly welcome!

Birthday Future SMS!*

Plan your birthday greetings as SMS in advance as future scheduled SMS!

  • Disclaimer- This app uses SMS that can cost you money, based on your SMS Tariff plan provided from your SIM card distributor!

  • Most of the time, it happens that you forget to wish your kith and kins on their auspicious day, as on their birthday! So, this is the high time that you need a solution for that.

  • So, that's the motto behind this app. That you plan your future message as SMS depending upon your SIM network provider. And on that particular day (particular date and time) your SMS will be sent to that person.

  • Fun fact- nowadays in the world of social media, everyone comes to know birthdays of other people from a social platform, and as all the people do, you wish them there!

  • But, what if I tell you that everyone out there, is not aware of birthdays if social platforms stop showing them!!

  • So, how special you can wish people?

  • Because on the social platform your greetings get clubbed among other's wishes! (Exception case- Private message).

  • But if you send SMS (based on the current scenario, where people only receive OTPs, advertisements' messages, etc.), it will be the biggest surprise for the recipient of SMS, and that will make them feel special!

  • Tip- You can use this app for other kinds of SMS too, you know what I mean! (It doesn't matter if you only use this app for birthdays or other SMS!)

Aarsh Fashion


  • An app for the client

  • Men's fashion store

Call Blocker!*

Block calls anytime | anywhere | when on holidays, etc. to protect your privacy!

  • This is a simple yet astonishing application for common people like us!

  • When we have a weekly day off and your clients keep bothering you with their calls, it's hard for you to manage their issues and at the same time, you get irritated with a bunch of calls when it's a holiday!

  • Even when you are travelling or you are on a holiday trip, you don't want anyone to destroy your dream vacation, by their calls and their issues!

  • So, use this app to block unwanted incoming calls temporarily (temporarily, because you don't want to block them for the lifetime, it's a matter for a day or a week or week+ duration)  for a moment(s)! [Only your blacklisted contacts/blacklisted numbers will be blocked by the app and that even for a particular day(s), you have allowed on, to block!]

  • What you just have to do is, add your those contacts, whose calls seem unwanted to you, in the blacklist! You can choose them from the contact list and/or you can add them manually!

  • One more thing is, if you want to choose contacts from your device storage, then you must have your contacts saved with the prefix '+' + Country code, following by real number! And when you add manually you have to make sure you add number correctly by entering Country code + number! Fake numbers won't be entertained in the app by having saved! (For security reasons, I have not pushed screenshots of the contacts list and blacklisted contacts!)

  • Your valuable suggestions and bugs are welcome! Thanks.

Season's Greetings!

An app to wish and greet your kith and kin for different 51 festivals!​

  • SEASON'S GREETINGS... It is used as an expression of goodwill at Christmas or the New Year. But from my (RUTURAJ's) perspective, expressing yourself for the goodwill of oneself as well as others', then all the festivals/days are perfect to express one's feelings on that particular day, so its SEASON'S GREETINGS to spread the love.

  • The app Season's Greetings is for different 51 festivals/celebration days when you can have some wonderful greetings in this app and you can choose any of them to send to your family and friends.



  • The Festivals / Days are listed below.

  • Anniversary

  • Baby Shower
    Boyfriend's Day - OCTOBER, 3rd
    Brother's Day - MAY, 24th

  • Chocolate Day - FEBRUARY, 9th
    Christmas - DECEMBER, 25th

  • Daughter's Day - AUGUST, 11th
    Doctor's Day - JULY, 1st

  • Easter
    Engineer's Day - SEPTEMBER, 15th
    Environment Day - JUNE, 5th

  • Father's Day - JUNE, 19th
    Friendship Day

  • Ganesha Festival
    Get Well Soon
    Girlfriend's Day - AUGUST, 1st
    Good Morning
    Good Night
    Grandfather's Day
    Grandmother's Day

  • Halloween - OCTOBER, 31st
    Hug Day - FEBRUARY, 12th

  • Janmashtami Festival

  • Kids' Day - NOVEMBER, 20th
    Kiss Day - FEBRUARY, 13th
    Kite Flying Day - JANUARY, 14th

  • Love You

  • Miss You
    Mother's Day - MAY, 8th

  • Navaratri Festival
    New Year - JANUARY, 1st

  • Nurse's Day - MAY, 12th

  • Parents' Day - JULY, 24th
    Promise Day - FEBRUARY, 11th
    Propose Day - FEBRUARY, 8th

  • Rakshabandhan Festival
    Rose Day - FEBRUARY, 7th

  • Sister's Day - AUGUST, 2nd
    Son's Day - AUGUST, 11th
    Sorry Day - MAY, 26th

  • Teacher's Day - SEPTEMBER, 5th
    Teddy Day - FEBRUARY,10th
    Thanksgiving Day - NOVEMBER, 26th

  • Valentine's Day - FEBRUARY 14th

  • Women's Day - MARCH, 8th

  • So, these are days/festivals of which greetings you will find in the app.


An image editing android app​!

  • An image editing app for applying different types of hues to an image to see as a different nature.

  • The user will be provided with the 11 different effects such as,
    Polaroid Film
    Black & White
    Lomo Vignette

  • And the user can select any of the effects to apply to an image.

  • The other features are, user can rotate, flip the image as per the requirement.

  • Then easily the image can be stored on just a click in the PicVic folder in your files system.

  • I would love to pay my gratitude to the ipiccy for inspiration and the image developing industry!

Call Recs*

Call recording application on android​!

  • A simple app that lets you record your calls, whether it's incoming or outgoing.

  • It will help you sort between the All calls, Incoming calls, Outgoing calls and Important marked calls.

  • It will allow you to sort the recordings ascending or descending and the voice over will notify you when call recording has started.

  • More updates will be there once more users get used to the app.

AFE: App For Emergency*

An app which can help you in any of the emergency circumstances!

  • What is AFÉ?

    • App for Emergency.

  • For what purpose?

    • If you are stuck in such a situation or such critical circumstances, then you will be in need of serious help!

    • When you know that you are going to someplace, which you could not find safe for you, then as a precaution keep ready the app AFÉ and you are just one click away to make your way safe!

  • How the AFÉ will work?

    • First, you need to add your personal contact number, with the country name and then add your 5 close relatives’ or friends’ contact number, whom do you trust, and who checks their mobile phones / cellular tablets very often, and can provide the help to you asap!

    • Then add the local area Police’s number or any such helpline number which can send serious help when you are in need of one!

    • Then you will be having 3 buttons on the board, depending upon your priority and situations, and what type of help you need!

    • The first one is for when you need the help of both as contacts and the police then click on that first button and SMS to contacts and call to the police will be made. On the second button, the contacts will get SMS and in the third case, the police will get a call from you!

    • You can change your contacts and the police’s number afterwards! So no issue in that!

  • Important notes?

    • The SMS, which contacts will get and the call, which Police will get, both will be made from the current SIM card activated in your device, so you better take care if you are using the device with more than one SIM card slots.

    • The SMS will be sent first when you enter your relatives’ contact numbers to inform that your contacts have been added as emergency contact from your side, then when you operate any of the 2 cases regarding the SMS to contacts, they will get 2 SMS at the very same time and the details which will be written are, your Contact number, your device’s unique Id, your Longitude and Latitude location, your possible nearest located address, etc.

    • You must keep your Internet services ON, because then and then only the possible address will be notified to your contacts. And internet services could be activated from any such service provider in any way whether it is mobile data or Wifi, etc.

    • You will be charged for SMS, for the call and for the internet usage, depending upon your tariff plans or package you are involved in so that you must keep in mind.

    • Never ever try this app for just fun or for testing with no reason at all! And never try calling your added police or helpline number with no such serious purpose, otherwise, you will be the only responsible person, for any problem caused due to you, and any actions can be taken at you, and the app AFÉ will not be responsible for it in any possible way!

  • Features?

    • By default country code selection when you add your personal detail

    • You can select your 5 contacts with accessing your device’s contact list

    • You can modify the contact numbers or local area police or helpline’s number whenever you want to change

    • Internet-based Geo Location will be found from your button click and your network provider will help to find the Latitude and Longitude based location, with their exact values

  • Motto behind the app?

    • Being an android app developer I wanted to contribute in direction of community and to maintain the community standards and to make girl’s safety at one higher level, and to protect all the girls and any of the suspect of such negative situation, this app will be very helpful and from my vision, we can reduce the crime in our society, with some precautions!

Expense Management

An OCR Android app that can do the image recognition and extract the text​!

  • EXPENSE MANAGEMENT FREE APP, an app, a product, which manages the transactions of pasts, which has been made already, it is not like some other apps, which handles the expenses for the future, etc.

  • For example, take a user, that has many receipts at his / her, own, then it is hard to handle those receipts, as after some time the ink on the receipts will be evaporated, and the written text is invisible. So, blank paper is not useful then, except using it as rough paper, as no text will be there.

  • Keeping a photocopy of receipts is not a smart way of storing receipts. So, in the direction of smartness with long time storage of receipt, with the snap storage, extracted text from receipt storage, anytime using the provided functionality, and access to receipt anywhere in the world, are main aspects.

  • *User Manual*

    • First go through the instructions, important notes and one-time tutorial screens.

    • Then before authenticating yourself, you can try the trial part of an EM app, where you cannot perform any operations, just you can look at the extracted text.

    • Then authenticate yourself, and if you are not found as an existing user, then you have to register first.

    • Then user home page will be redirected, then add a new receipt, where you can capture an image from a physical copy of the receipt, or you can select an existing receipt from the gallery, then the receipt should be in portrait view otherwise, the app won’t work well, so rotate the image if it is not in portrait view, then continue to proceed ahead.

    • Then the extracted text will be shown to UI, and then you have to write receipt name and the grand total manually, for reliability in the future.

    • Check the added item on the user’s home page, and perform more operations.

    • Check menu items for more modules of the EM app.

  • *Features in this version*

    • Impressive tutorial screen

    • Trial part of an app before logging in

    • Standard authentication strategies

    • Access to receipt anywhere in the world

    • Printing facility of a stored receipt, if you download the paid version

    • Reporting facility of a stored receipt, if you download the paid version

    • Generation of the spreadsheet, if you download the paid version

    • Log Out facility

    • Delete account facility, if you download the paid version

    • Delete receipt feature, if you download the paid version

    • Many more attractive features

  • *Requirements*

    • Throughout Internet availability

    • Good knowledge of English language

    • API level 14+ or Android version 4.0+

    • 5 MP+ Camera

    • Some free space in the file storage directory

  • *Updates in future*

    • More clarity in receipt snaps

    • The robust output of extracted text

    • Support for long receipts

    • More useful calculations and data management while generating a spreadsheet

    • More globalized

    • Cloud storage

    • More efficient working

*: I haven't updated the apps in a long time, hence the apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, stating that, I should be able to match the UPDATED guidelines, overtime!

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