Moncton, Canada

04/2021 to Present

*Unpaid position*



3rdi Lab Inc.

Wolfville, Canada

01/2021 to 04/2021

· Technology Vision – Providing the CEO & COO and the rest of the team with a technology vision for the future in alignment with the company’s vision; Product Design, Architecture and Development for Front-end, Back-end, Database, AI, Mobile Flutter App and Unity for VR and Oculus Quest 2; Providing leadership in product direction and development

· Keeping my finger on the technology pulse and know how the technology landscape is evolving.

· Assisting with Marketing Support Activities including but not limited to; Live Demos, Website-based product demos, Other activities related to leadership and management of engineering, technology and product development for 3rdi, focussing upon Team, Tools, Tech, Troubleshooting, and Timing

· About- Leading provider of immersive storytelling content creation, monetization and delivery tool for enterprise markets including but not limited to museums, art galleries, real estate companies, businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, around the world.

· Tech stack where I programmed and helped in troubleshooting- glTF 3d Modeling loader for the mobile applications, especially for Android and Flutter; Unity VR troubleshoot for C# and JavaScript; Figma UI designing; UX research and mobile apps updates; Vulnerability fixes with Code Obsfucation; while helping with BRISK, ORB and other ML/ AL Object Detection algorithms such as SIFT and SURF for feature tracking; Development of Oculus VR prototype; Treasure Hunt game management for AR mobile and backend planning and designing; AR front-end canvas/ dashboard designing and functional testing; etc.

Chief Technology Officer


3rdi Lab Inc.

Wolfville, Canada

01/2021 to 04/2021

· Managed B2B (Technically B2[B2C]) products

· To make executive technology decisions on behalf of the company, including managing a technology budget and making investments to align the company with the vision for its technological needs.

· I have been a strategic thinker, an effective communicator, a hands-on individual and an expert in technological development and customer support.

· I have led the technology team and worked with the sales and market teams and acted as both a technology and business expert, making decisions that would impact the current and future operations of the company.

· I have closely worked in terms of Operational leadership; To establish company’s strategy; Represented the company; Came up with a solution/ options; Followed trends; Built an MVP; Helped in hiring technical and non-technical professionals; Coached & mentored solution developers; Choosing right tech stack; Improved the app’s architecture; etc.

· Project Management – Maintaining an effective and efficient product development team through JIRA and ClickUp; everyday follow-ups usual Email/ Hangout communication

· Quality Management – Maintaining the highest quality in the solutions and our deployments

· Document Management – Ensuring all technology-related documents are well organized

· Intellectual Property Management – Ensuring all novel technology claims are documented for patenting

· Working closely with SR&ED accounting partners to file the SR&ED claims

· About- Leading provider of immersive storytelling content creation, monetization and delivery tool for enterprise markets including but not limited to museums, art galleries, real estate companies, businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, around the world.

ARVR Technical Advisor I



Mississauga, Canada

09/2020 to 01/2021

I worked for one of the 'Big Five Tech' giants!


· To fulfill and concentrate attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy while maximizing the opportunity to build rapport with the customer to provide world-class technical support for the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based products while keeping client's standards in mind

· To maintain a broad knowledge of client products and/or services

· To prepare complete and accurate work including appropriately notating accounts as required

· To participate in activities designed to improve customer satisfaction and business performance

· To track, document and retrieve information in call tracking database

Order Support Specialist & Tech Support


Waterloo, Canada

06/2020 to 01/2021

Arvato (dba Majorel)

I worked for one of the 'Big Five Tech' giants!

· To offer first-class support to our client’s customers related to Delivery Management, Shipping Investigations, Inbound Returns, and other ad hoc escalations using SAP and other inventory management applications, to expedite customer service standards at all times, identify opportunities for operational improvements for service improvement strategies per business requirements.

Technical Content Specialist (DeveloperMedia Inc.)

Toronto, Canada

09/2020 to 12/2020

DeveloperMedia (dba

Content Developer & Technical Author/Editor

To reap the benefits of learning about new products and technologies in the tech industry all while applying my knowledge,

· To learn and discover new technologies.
· To educate other developers with my voice.
· To gain more exposure for my expertise!
· To collaborate with a full editorial team, while writing and developing interesting technologies.
· To produce technical content with accuracy, brevity, and clarity.
· To offer content related to advanced software development concepts and techniques, including discussion of code-level implementations.
· To ensure that content follows the technical depth and tone as agreed upon.
· To generate content that is engaging and ready for publication.
· To work with clients like- | Unify


Pelican Community

Toronto, Canada

10/2020 to 11/2020

*Project had to be shut down for some unfortunate reasons by the CEO*

*Unpaid position*

Pelican Community is a crowdsourcing solution that addresses the long and expensive international delivery problem.

At the Pelican Community, we link passengers who have remaining free luggage space with international delivery orders (e.g. e-commerce orders, etc) to deliver internationally fast and at a fraction of the current international shipping price.

Start-up company ready to serve $1tn+ logistics market.

· To ignite a burning desire to make an impact on education and skills development
· To build a product from the ground up and be a founding member.
· To ship the highest quality code
· To work in moving fast, iterating and testing ideas

· Design the foundational backend and frontend infrastructure for the web service
· Design responsive and intuitive user interfaces for mobile and web
· Collaborate with the existing team and advisory board and effectively communicate with other team members
· Iterate quickly, while keeping scalability and performance in mind

· Created Adobe XD web pages using vectors
· Woked on Dev-ops AWS EC2, Route 53, SSL, DigitalOcean droplets, NS, IP, SSH, WordPress, Phpmyadmin, Troubleshooting, Cloudfare, WP plugins, upload, content, HTML, updraft plus, and duplicator backup, Filezilla, PuTTy, Nginx, Apache, Ubuntu server, etc.
· Managed security settings- SSL, Double encryption, Semantic security, Hidden locks, Speed, Load balancing, Traffic, Edge cloud, CDN, Browser Caching - Cloudflare, Server Pilot - DigitalOcean, Affiliate earning
· Implemented recommended security features - firewall on DO
· React app deployment on a server
· Security enhancement for the react app implementation and hypothesis
· Deployed react app using DigitalOcean Apps on the DO server

Overnight Fulfillment Associate



Cambridge, Canada

11/2019 to 07/2020

To process, freight and participates in Zone Defense and offers Customer Service.

Position Responsibilities

• Practicing the 3-meter Attitude. • Stocking merchandise on the correct counter in the correct space according to the label or instructions ensuring stability. • Filling floorplans and modular with correct merchandise. • Securing heavy display items. • Writing/securing merchandise price information on small to medium-sized signs. • Zoning the department(s). • Responding to Customer requests for information and service. • Assisting Customers in finding merchandise. • Working with the Department Manager(s) in processing overstock. • Assisting the Department Manager(s) with modular changes. • Keeping the work area clean and hazard free. • Keeping modulars clean. Additional Responsibilities • Adheres to all company policies and standard operating procedures.

Quality Control Inspector


Q2 Management Inc.

Newmarket, Canada

09/2019 to 11/2019

Tasks included:

-Inspection, GP12, Third Party Containment (CS1), Third Party Containment (CS2), Incoming Inspections, End Of Line Inspections, Electronic Data Reporting

I worked at,
-Vuteq, Plant 1, Woodstock, ON
-Toyota Tsusho, Woodstock, ON
-DynaMig, Stratford, ON
-Aisin, Stratford, ON

Quality Assurance Inspector


TFT Global Inc.

Woodstock, Canada

09/2019 to 10/2019

Tasks included:

-Containment, Sorting, Rework, Final Vehicle Verification, Labeling Programs, Packaging Design

I worked at,
-Vuteq, Plant 2, Woodstock, ON
-Marwood, Plant 5, Woodstock, ON

Research Assistant


University of Windsor

Windsor, Canada

01/2018 to 04/2019

MSc Computer Science student and Research Assistant at the University of Windsor.

Topic: An Improved Approach of Intention Discovery with Machine Learning for POMDP-based Dialogue Management.

Abstract: An Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) is an intelligent agent that works as the front end of software applications to interact with users through verbal/nonverbal expressions and to provide online assistance without the limits of time, location, and language. To help to improve the experience of human-computer interaction, there is an increasing need to empower ECA with not only the realistic look of its human counterparts but also a higher level of intelligence. This thesis first highlights the main topics related to the construction of ECA, including different approaches of dialogue management, and then discusses existing techniques of trend analysis for its application in user classification. As a further refinement and enhancement to our prior work on ECA, this thesis research proposes a cohesive framework to integrate emotion-based facial animation with improved intention discovery. In addition, a machine learning technique modelled from Q-learning (Quality-Learning) technique is introduced to support sentiment analysis for the adjustment of policy design in POMDP-based dialogue management. It is anticipated that the proposed research work is going to improve the accuracy of intention discovery while reducing the length of dialogues.

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Q-Learning, POMDP, Sentiment Analysis, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 3D model, ECA, Decision-making Process, Interaction

Graduate Teaching Assistant & Lab Instructor


University of Windsor

Windsor, Canada

06/2018 to 04/2019

I was a GA (TA) for,

Winter 2019: COMP1400 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming 1
Fall 2018: 03-60-140 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming 1
Summer 2018: 03-60-141 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming 2

To conduct courses as a lab instructor & graduate teaching assistant for ’60-140 (COMP1400) & 60-141 (COMP1410): Introduction to Programming & Algorithms 1 & 2’ and marking assignments, exam papers, conducting office hours to solve queries of the students.

Student Telephone Canvasser


University of Windsor

Windsor, Canada

09/2018 to 03/2019

The Annual Giving Program was hiring part-time student telephone canvassers for the 2018 Fall Phone-A-Thon campaign. They were looking for students to join this exciting fundraising team. The cornerstone of the Annual Giving Program is the alumni phone-a-thon. By putting the best foot forward - Students - thee team can share firsthand how alumni donations can make a difference!

•    After working in the student telephone canvasser role, I was able to:

o    Demonstrate excellent communication skills by being comfortable speaking with alumni and the public.
o    Gain confidence in asking for financial support.
o    Learn and cultivate a number of fundraising skills and techniques from asking for renewal donation to soliciting new donors.
o    Develop and gain experience in a fully automated call centre.
o    Actively engage and advance interpersonal skills while being part of a dynamic team.

•    Skills gained:

o    Communication
o    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
o    Teamwork and Collaboration
o    Professionalism and Work Ethic
o    Career Management

Achievement: The most valuable caller by calling 6100+ alumni.
Brought in highest specified pledge and Credit card donation.
Contributed to gaining the highest amount of money (approx. $16000 CAD) in the house!

Packaging Development Specialist


Mastronardi Produce Ltd.

Leamington, Canada

07/2018 to 08/2018

Just a part-time worker as a packaging development assistant!

Assistive Technology Trainer


Vezen Displays

Mumbai, India


I trained a few people how to use VEZEN DISPLAYS at the Mumbai Police Commissioner's office!

Deputy CTO | Senior Android apps developer / Supervisor



Mumbai, India

02/2017 to 09/2017

• Android app development and mentored the junior developers, managed the mobile database, UI/UX app designing, social media handling; Created discrete automation of an idea, analytical approach towards the project, for different types of projects, maintenance, testing, managed data on the server.
• Helped client to reach a certain goal by providing executive support to their project; set & maintain vision in an agile environment, outlined R&D goals, timelines for development and deployment services
• Managed technology budget and time-frames, stayed on top of tech trends and dev, maintained consumer-focused outlook and aiding the delivering of projects, made executive decisions along with CEO/CTO
• Tools- Language (Java, XML, Php), Database (SQL, SQLite), Server (PhpMyAdmin), API (JSON, Postman), open-source UI-based libraries for android, Android studio, etc.

Project: Society Management

Android and CouchDB apps developer


Stradefi SA

Geneve, Switzerland

01/2016 to 01/2017

• Designed, analyzed, developed, tested and integrated the app development in an existing app consisting CouchBase (NoSQL DB); As an R&D, selected high tech open source components, evaluated test and delivered them for possible integration into the existing app
• Provided appropriate research on the usage of TensorFlow embarked on Android at an early stage; Semantic word filter and searching algorithms, call recorder, advanced text editor, OCR based app, contact management application, etc. modules were developed for the successful integration in the main app
• Projected semantic filtering that reduced feature accessibility duration by 90%; Pioneered NoSQL based chat app demo to be commercialized in future; Call recorder application feature that runs in the background
• Tools- Language (Java, XML, Php, Python), Database (NoSQL, SQLite, CouchDB), Server (PhpMyAdmin), API (JSON, Postman), open-source UI-based libraries for android, Android studio, Notepad++, Technologies (Lucene, Rich text editor Android- HTML5, Tensorflow, Call recorder license, OCR- Optical Character Recognition, OpenCV, Tesseract, etc.), etc.

Project(s)- Evgenie (Rich text editor, OCR to scan visiting cards, Lucene-based FAQ searching algorithm
development, etc.)

Project Trainee Android apps Developer


Stradefi SA

Mumbai, India

09/2015 to 01/2016

I worked as a Trainee Andriod application Developer and I had to develop and analyze search and filter application for words/sentence/ paragraph from documents, Q&A forum, etc.

I also worked on Tensorflow algorithms in Python and NLP (Natural Language Processing).


Mumbai, India

07/2015 to 12/2015

Did few confidential and public-domain, freelancing projects!


- R Search Box

- Mohanji Foundations (Non-Monetary)

- Aarsh Fashions, etc.


Project Trainee


Advance Systems Corporation

Surat, India

05/2014 to 06/2015

*Unpaid position*


• Applied many different modules while learning like, Android, Native Android, Cloud, DB, etc. and worked on the OCR, Image processing, usage of NDK, etc.
• Managed project as a team leader while being a team member to make important and significant decisions
• Tools- Language (Java, XML, Php), Database (SQL, SQLite), Server (PhpMyAdmin), API (JSON), open-source UI-based libraries for android, Android studio, Eclipse, Notepad++, Technologies (OCR- Optical Character Recognition, NDK- Native Development Kit, etc.), etc.

Skills- planning to plotting, from designing to deploying, from testing to maintaining, from leading the team to be a part of the team, java, android

Project(s)- Expense Management