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Research Assistant

University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada

01/2018 to 04/2019

MSc Computer Science student and Research Assistant at the University of Windsor.

Topic: An Improved Approach of Intention Discovery with Machine Learning for POMDP-based Dialogue Management.

Abstract: An Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) is an intelligent agent that works as the front end of software applications to interact with users through verbal/nonverbal expressions and to provide online assistance without the limits of time, location, and language. To help to improve the experience of human-computer interaction, there is an increasing need to empower ECA with not only the realistic look of its human counterparts but also a higher level of intelligence. This thesis first highlights the main topics related to the construction of ECA, including different approaches of dialogue management, and then discusses existing techniques of trend analysis for its application in user classification. As a further refinement and enhancement to our prior work on ECA, this thesis research proposes a cohesive framework to integrate emotion-based facial animation with improved intention discovery. In addition, a machine learning technique modelled from Q-learning (Quality-Learning) technique is introduced to support sentiment analysis for the adjustment of policy design in POMDP-based dialogue management. It is anticipated that the proposed research work is going to improve the accuracy of intention discovery while reducing the length of dialogues.

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Q-Learning, POMDP, Sentiment Analysis, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 3D model, ECA, Decision-making Process, Interaction

Graduate Teaching Assistant & Lab Instructor

University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada

06/2018 to 04/2019

I was a GA (TA) for,

Winter 2019: COMP1400 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming 1
Fall 2018: 03-60-140 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming 1
Summer 2018: 03-60-141 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming 2

To conduct courses as a lab instructor & graduate teaching assistant for ’60-140 (COMP1400) & 60-141 (COMP1410): Introduction to Programming & Algorithms 1 & 2’ and marking assignments, exam papers, conducting office hours to solve queries of the students.

Student Telephone Canvasser

University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada

09/2018 to 11/2018

The Annual Giving Program was hiring part-time student telephone canvassers for the 2018 Fall Phone-A-Thon campaign. They were looking for students to join this exciting fundraising team. The cornerstone of the Annual Giving Program is the alumni phone-a-thon. By putting the best foot forward - Students - thee team can share firsthand how alumni donations can make a difference!

•    After working in the student telephone canvasser role, I was able to:

o    Demonstrate excellent communication skills by being comfortable speaking with alumni and the public.
o    Gain confidence in asking for financial support.
o    Learn and cultivate a number of fundraising skills and techniques from asking for renewal donation to soliciting new donors.
o    Develop and gain experience in a fully automated call centre.
o    Actively engage and advance interpersonal skills while being part of a dynamic team.

•    Skills gained:

o    Communication
o    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
o    Teamwork and Collaboration
o    Professionalism and Work Ethic
o    Career Management

Achievement: The most valuable caller by calling 6100+ alumni.
Brought in highest specified pledge and Credit card donation.
Contributed to gaining the highest amount of money (approx. $16000 CAD) in the house!


*Boss of my own*

06/2015 to 12/2017

Did few confidential and public-domain, freelancing projects!


- R Search Box

- Mohanji Foundations (Non-Monetary)

- Aarsh Fashions, etc.


Assistive Technology Trainer

Vezen displays, Mumbai, India


I trained a few people how to use VEZEN DISPLAYS at the Mumbai Police Commissioner's office!

Deputy CTO | Senior Android apps developer / Supervisor

Vitebox, Mumbai, India

02/2017 to 09/2017


There my most noted roles were,

Android app mobile application software development
Training the junior developers
Mobile database development
UI/UX app designer
Social media handling
To create discrete automation of an idea before an execution
The analytical approach towards the project (as planned on a paper), actively in a team
Development of the app for the different user device(s) and for different types of users
Maintenance of the app
Managing data on the server

Skills- management, training, leading the team, etc.

Tools- Language (Java, XML, Php), Database (SQL, SQLite), Server (PhpMyAdmin), API (JSON, Postman), open-source UI-based libraries for android, Android studio, etc.

Project(s)- Society Management

Android and CouchDB apps developer

Stradefi SA, Geneve, Switzerland

01/2016 to 01/2017

• My work so far,

o Design, analyze, develop, test and integrate the development in an existing app using CouchBase (NoSQL DB)

o As R&D, select high tech open source components, evaluate test and deliver them for possible integration into the existing app

 Usage of TensorFlow embarked on Android
 Semantic word filter and searching algorithms,
 Call recorder
 Advanced text editor
 OCR based app
 Contact management

Skills- Learnt remote mode work, self-discipline, verbal communication, professional trend, trending technologies, python, android

Tools- Language (Java, XML, Php, Python), Database (NoSQL, SQLite, CouchDB), Server (PhpMyAdmin), API (JSON, Postman), open-source UI-based libraries for Android, Android Studio, Notepad++, Technologies (Lucene, Rich text editor Android- HTML5, Tensorflow, Call recorder license, OCR- Optical Character Recognition, OpenCV, Tesseract, etc.), etc.

Project(s)- Evgenie (Rich text editor, OCR to scan visiting cards, Lucene-based FAQ searching algorithm development, etc.)

Project Android apps Developer

Stradefi SA, Mumbai, India

09/2015 to 01/2016

I worked as a Trainee Andriod application Developer and I had to develop and analyze search and filter application for words/sentence/ paragraph from documents, Q&A forum, etc. 

I also worked on Tensorflow algorithms in Python and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Project Trainee

Advance Systems Corporation, Surat, India

05/2014 to 06/2015

The company gave me a chance to work under them as my engineering final year project development.

And I worked as a Team Leader and Team Member for the project 'EXPENSE MANAGEMENT: AN ANDROID APP'.

I started learning Android from this phase and applied many different modules while learning them like, Android, Native Android, Cloud, DB, etc. which are technical skills.

And while achieving all technical skills, I learned some non-technical skills as well, from planning to plotting, from designing to deploying, from testing to maintaining, from leading the team to being a part of the team!

We worked on the technologies like Android apps development, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Image processing, Image convolution net, usage of Natural Development Kit, etc.


Skills- planning to plotting, from designing to deploying, from testing to maintaining, from leading the team to be a part of the team, java, android

Tools- Language (Java, XML, Php), Database (SQL, SQLite), Server (PhpMyAdmin), API (JSON), opensource UI-based libraries for android, Android studio, Eclipse, Notepad++, Technologies (OCR- Optical Character Recognition, NDK- Native Development Kit, etc.), etc.

Project(s)- Expense Management