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Explorer | Eager-beaver | Sapiosexual | Traveller | Optimistic | Enthusiast | Ambitious | Honest | Hard-working individual | Humble | Trustworthy | Truthfulness
Vegetarian | Teetotaler | Spiritual | Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma [Religion]) follower | Karma believer

I am RUTURAJ R. Raval, an eager-beaver, a self-disciplined, honest, hard-working, humble, ambitious person having experience in R&D, Leadership, Management, etc. I am, Computer Engineer, Researcher, Explorer, Android application developer, Programmer, Sapiosexual, Software developer, AR-VR (MR) application developer, Traveller, UI/UX developer, Cloud developer, Vegetarian, Teetotaler, Manager, Leader, CTO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Full-Stack developer, Spiritual, Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma [Religion]) follower, Karma believer, Optimistic, Enthusiast, Trustworthy, etc.​

I have worked on almost 16+ Android applications and a few Machine Learning, Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) applications.

I am a:
 Software developer

I am looking for:
 Researcher position
 Android developer position
 Artificial Intelligence position
 Data scientist position

• Public speaking: gained while working as a graduate teaching assistant and extra-curricular activities like elocution competition and hosting events, performing in a drama, etc.
• Team leading: while working as a lab instructor at the University of Windsor and while working at Vitebox
• Communication skills: gained while working as a graduate assistant
• Presentation skill: having done a good amount of presentations
• Marketing research: while conducting research on marketing scalability of the product
• Research: gained while working on my thesis during my MSc.
• Strategy: to perform R&D
• Customer service: learnt while working as a student Telephone Canvasser
• Trained juniors, engineers, Police staff, etc.: while working with Vitebox I trained the juniors and I worked at Vezen Displays to train the Police staff (Police Commissioner’s office, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) to operate the new technology in the city CCTV department

Professional technical skills:
• IDE- Android studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Postman, Illustrator, Unity, IDLE, Weka, Dia, Atom, AltovaUML, Atom, Anaconda, etc.
• Languages- Java, C++, XML, CSS, HTML, Php, Python, C#, etc.
• Platforms- Android, Windows, AR-VR (MR), MS Office tools, etc.
• Database- SQLite DB, Couch DB, MySql, PhpMyAdmin, NoSql
• Technologies- Lucene, Tensorflow, OCR, Image processing, NDK, POMDP, DWT, 3D models, Classification & Clustering on the dataset, machine-deep-reinforcement Learning, Vision, NLP, Computer Vision, Fuzzy logic, etc.
• Capabilities- SDLC management, Research, discrete automation development before idea execution, analytical approach, planning to plot, designing to deploying, maintaining to testing, data management, social media handling, semantic word filter and searching algorithms, Leadership, Team management in an agile environment, etc.


I am very affectionate about my work and I want to have a fantastic career move ahead in my life in the field of Research and/or software development. I can learn new technologies in a very short time so you can try me out! I have been a team member, team leader, etc. I am a well-presented, self-motivated and I possess excellent counselling, listening and general communication skills along with the ability to communicate complex and to convey my building blocks, in an understandable form to the person in front of me.


I have exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills, all of which are imperative when working closely with colleagues or other related people. I am best when I perform alone and I am even better if I am a core person of the team. I am self-confident, extrovert, optimistic in terms of my own vision and mission.

Career at Glance

  • Highly skilled and results-oriented, eager-beaver professional with multi-faceted expertise and solid academic background holding a Master's degree and extensive experience in AI and Software Development.

  • Proven ability to assess and manage complex obstacles; ability to develop strong relationships across cultures; viewed as a strong trouble-shooter.

  • Have proven skills in R&D and in presenting a hypothesis and a prototype to offer the proof of concept numerous times across various domains such as Soft-Dev, AI, Mobile Apps, Data Science, MR (Mixed Reality: AR+VR).

  • Successful in intense and demanding environments, providing decisive team leadership and structure with a track record of motivating and developing soldiers in a fast-paced environment; Managed multiple projects efficiently on time.

  • Learned to pilot the high-performance culture to leverage cross-functional expertise to propel strategic and tactical execution and deliver extraordinary results.

  • Recognized for the ability to develop strong relationships and plan strategically with good leadership skills to offer answers/opinions to some unanswered questions to the best of my capabilities.

  • Strengths include: Research & Development | Leadership | Marketing | Training | Time Management | Relationship Building | Public Speaking | Marketing research and strategy planning | SDLC management | Project management

  • RUTURAJ R Raval
  • RUTURAJ R Raval
  • RUTURAJ R Raval
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  • RUTURAJ R Raval

ciao@ruturaj.me | Ontario, Canada, N2P0C7