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An Improved Approach of Intention Discovery with Machine Learning for POMDP-based Dialogue Management

An Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) is an intelligent agent that works as the front end of software applications to interact with users through verbal/nonverbal expressions and to provide online assistance without the limits of time, location, and language. To help to improve the experience of human-computer interaction, there is an increasing need to empower ECA with not only the realistic look of its human counterparts but also a higher level of intelligence. This thesis first highlights the main topics related to the construction of ECA, including different approaches of dialogue management, and then discusses existing techniques of trend analysis for its application in user classification. As a further refinement and enhancement to prior work on ECA, this thesis research proposes a cohesive framework to integrate emotion-based facial animation with improved intention discovery. In addition, a machine learning technique is introduced to support sentiment analysis for the adjustment of policy design in POMDP-based dialogue management. It is anticipated that the proposed research work is going to improve the accuracy of intention discovery while reducing the length of dialogues.


AI-ML & Computer Vision Project

Google AI open images – visual relationship track

Deep learning using vision and NLP to detect the object and track the relationship between the objects in the image using the language manipulation, deep learning models are able to produce highly accurate results therefore, we have attempted a different approach to solve this problem and compare the result with the state-of-the-art baseline result.


Android Project


My Curriculum Vitae (24 years of a journey) in an Android app as a representation!


Android Project

Add & Search!

Add any note quickly and later you can search by word/sentence from data!


Android Project

Call Blocker!

Block calls anytime | anywhere | when on holidays, etc. to protect your privacy!


Android Project

Birthday Future SMS Free!

Plan your birthday greetings as SMS in advance as future scheduled SMS!


Android Project

Call Recs

Call recording application on android​


Android Project

AFE: App For Emergency

An app which can help you in any of the emergency circumstances


AI project

Spdybot (Speedy Spider-y Robot)

A web crawler to crawl the opinion to mine positive, negative, neutral opinions for one such topic. AI-based system that is capable of mining all opinions available on the web on a certain topic along with relevant evidences so that users can decide the authenticity of each opinion before taking them into account.


AR-VR Project

Anti-Glossophobia AR-VR (Mixed Reality) approach

To recover from the speech anxiety, using the augmented reality and virtual reality in a mixed reality environment.


Android Project

How old are you!?

How many years-months-days-hours-minutes-seconds old are you? Let the app show!


Android Project


Your music companion through your thick & thin so get lost in a magic world!


Android Project

R Search Box!



Android Project

Birthday Future SMS!

Plan your birthday greetings as SMS in advance as future scheduled SMS!


Android Project

Season's Greetings!

An app to wish and greet your kith and kin for different 51 festivals!​


Android Project

Expense Management Free

An OCR Android app which can do image recognition and extract the text


AI-ML & Data Analysis Project

Machine learning and Pattern recognition approaches on Prostate Cancer data

A machine learning approach to identify meaningful biomarkers by recognizing the possible patterns in the genes data to implement classification using different machine learning algorithms like SVM, cross-validation, k-NN, Naïve Bayes, feature selection, solving multi-class problems, dimensionality reduction, etc.


Data Mining Project

Using collaborative filtering with frequent sequential patterns mining for product recommendation systems in multiple E-commerce Databases

The research was conducted to represent how improvements can be made for product recommendations using the lifetime-user prediction technique.


Android Project


Handle your events such a way that you can create instant events and plan them!


Android Project

Clock widget!

Unique | flexible | durable | innovative home screen widget that represents time!


Android Project

Society Management!



Android Project

Aarsh Fashion

An app for Men's fashion (Client's app)​


Android Project


An image editing android app​


Android Project

Expense Management

An OCR Android app which can do image recognition and extract the text​

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