Vidhyabharti School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/1997 to 03/1999

Junior KG & Senior KG student


F. S. Parekh Technical School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/2006 to 06/2009

Simulataneous school with I. N. Tekrawala school, where technical education was provided in the field of Mechanical and Electrical and Civil engineering


GTU (Gujarat Technological University) affiliated C. K. Pithawalla college of engineering and technology, Surat, Gujarat, India: 07/2011 to 06/2015

B.E. (Computer Engineering) student


University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada: 01/2018 to 04/2019

MSc. in Computer Science- Research student


P. B. Desai Primary School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 07/1999 to 04/2006

1st to 7th classes' student


R. S. M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/2009 to 05/2011

11th & 12th classes' student


Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada: 06/2014 to 07/2014

Under IEP- International Experience Program, attended the university to study 2 subjects in final year of an engineering undergraduate course


I. N. Tekrawala Secondary School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/2006 to 06/2009

8th to 10th classes' student


UTU (Uka Tarsadia University) affiliated C. G. Patel Institute of Technology, Bardoli, Surat, Gujarat, India: 07/2011

Attended for 1 week (for B. Tech.), and then joined GTU (CKPCET)


Maharashtra Institute of Technology School of Distance Education: 06/2015 to Incomplete

PGDBA (Marketing) student [Left after 3 semesters, to join UoW in Canada]

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